Eureka SeaWind

Eureka SeaWind is MMI’s first project. The aim of the project is to establish a reliable and efficient floating wind turbine technology that delivers a reduction in the cost of clean, renewable energy. For floating wind to become a commercial reality, a 50% reduction in the cost of electricity must be delivered through technological solutions. A novel concept has been designed which presents a significant reduction in the cost of the floating platform.

A key feature of the concept is that the mass of the nacelle is reduced and the centre of mass is lowered, thus reducing the structural material requirements of the floating platform. The floating platform of a 5MW floating offshore wind turbine can weigh in excess of 6000 tonnes. A small reduction of this substantial mass will result in significant cost savings.

Marine Materials Ireland is currently in the process of producing a scaled demonstrator prototype. This will be used to evaluate the concept and to help develop a full-scale multi-megawatt floating offshore wind turbine.

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